CirTran Corporation provides complete product development, manufacturing services and distribution for a wide range of business sectors.

Founded in 1993, CirTran has evolved from its roots in electronics contract manufacturing to become a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of products for the adult lifestyle and entertainment marketplace. CirTran is an established global company with a diversified expertise in manufacturing, marketing, distribution and technology in a wide variety of consumer products, including tobacco products, medical devices and beverages.

CirTran has an innovative and consumer-focused approach to brand portfolio management, resting on a strong understanding of consumers domestically and has an established footprint into more than 50 key international markets. CirTran is committed to developing its clientsbrands and licensed brands, and providing a range of products in various categories for markets globally.

From first concept, to design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, inventory control, distribution, shipping, warranty fulfillment and customer service.

From Concept... to Consumer

From your original product concept or idea, CirTran has the experience and expertise to put your thoughts into action. Whether you need a one a kind hand crafted sample made in our local prototype shop, or a full scale large production run at one of our many off-shore factories, we can help get your dream to market in record time.

With manufacturing facilities located throughout the world, the CirTran Group of companies has earned a reputation for uncompromising standards for quality and delivery in the Global Manufacturing Market.

LBC Products :

Licensed Branded Consumer Products (LBC Products) focuses on assisting our client GloBrands, LLC to position HUSTLER® as the go-to brand solution for the adult lifestyle. People today identify with brands that demonstrate strong purpose.

The HUSTLER collection will redefine the “Beverage,” “Tobacco” and “Condom” product categories by accessing Larry Flynt’s blend of incendiary adult content, free speech and political activism. It is an irreverent lifestyle.

The Brand remains the consistent extension of the opulent, decadent, sexy, high-class, luxurious lifestyle of a HUSTLER that millions around the world aspire to.


CirTran Products :

Products & marketing expertise for ‘Big Box’ Distribution

CirTran Products is your source to find the quality products of Cirtran at a direct to consumer price. Now you are able to purchase many of the fine products manufactured by Cirtran from the comfort of your own home.



Fitness Equipment


True Ceramic Pro
Ionic styling Iron

The Evander Holyfield
'Real Deal Grill'

Bread Maker

CirTran Asia

Low cost off-shore manufacturing & assembly

The chef asset offered by Cirtran-Asia is our ability to perform. Your project needs the kind of excellence that comes from a broad scope of manufacturing and design capabilities, the right technical staff and management supervision whose attitude is to always maintain the highest level of responsiveness and accountability to the client.


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From your original product concept or idea,
CirTran has the experience and expertise to put
your thoughts into action, we can help get your
dream to market in record time.